Peace and Freedom

$28,900 Cash
$593 /Monthly


  • Great Cell Phone Reception
  • No CC&R's


We need to unplug! Get away from the noise and the rumors and build your own paradise. Wanting a clean slate? With flat terrain and no neighbors in sight this is as fresh of a start as they come!

Located 3 miles north of Meteor City this property offers excellent opportunities for recreational activities. RV excursions, ATVing on the neighboring BLM, or campfires under a sea of natural night lights it becomes your own choice of adventure each day. Join an area of Arizona that has some of the highest elevation you can find. At 6,000 feet you will experience all four seasons and you will be enjoying the summertime while the rest of AZ is sweating.

Winslow AZ is 20 miles East to offer all grocery and supplies you’ll need. Flagstaff AZ is 40 miles to the West and is a college towns that has unique breweries and one of the best hubs for outdoor fun such as snowboarding, hiking, ziplining, rock climbing and more. For those looking to build their own nook, horses can be stabled and agriculture can be practiced on the property. Access runs directly through the middle of the property. The road is unkept but is accessible by any 2WD vehicle that has clearance. While in the area, Verizon carriers had better reception than T-Mobile.

Peace and Freedom await! Don’t hesitate!

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